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Introduction to Starter 📌🤝

Multichain IDO Launch and Community Fundraising Platform

Starter Basics

Starter is the leading IDO launchpad, incubator, and investor network for Polygon, Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain.

The Presale Problem

Initial Decentralized Offerings, or IDOs, come with a myriad of unnecessary risks for both developers and investors. With new tokens popping up constantly, it can be nearly impossible for investors to sort out the gems from the scams and for legitimate developers to stand out from the pack.
Developers looking to launch a new project face the daunting tasks of constructing a fair presale offering, attracting investors that will support their vision, and then providing liquidity for their token. Investors acting alone must sort through a crowded landscape of projects and create their own metrics for evaluating presales.

The START of a Solution

In the spirit of decentralization, Starter provides an ecosystem that empowers the community of START token holders to ensure the fair launch of new projects for developers. Through a simple form, developers may submit their IDOs to the Starter community for them to review the project and terms of the presale.
The START token rewards holders who Stake their tokens on Starter by allowing them to Vote on which projects are launched on the platform and participate in the approved presale Pools, while also earning BNB the whole time.

A Certified START

Starter also operates the Certified START programme, which sees the team handpick the most promising projects from across the Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, & Ethereum ecosystems, and offer them as exclusive IDOs.
Unlike the decentralized IDOs which the community are empowered to vote on. Certified START IDOs undergo heavy vetting of their project, strategy, and full KYC, to ensure only the best and most trustworthy projects are presented to the Starter community.


QuickStart is a collaboration on the Polygon Network between the leading DEX & AMM, QuickSwap, and Starter. Together they have created QuickStart, which has quickly become the prime place to launch new projects on Polygon.
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