How to take part in a sale on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Taking part in a Starter IDO on Binance Smart Chain
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Taking part in an IDO or token sale on BSC is simple:
Buy $START on, or bridge it from another chain back to BSC using Anyswap. Stake your $START on, and buy the IDO token with BNB when the appropriate round for your stake opens up.

The Tiers & Allocation

The amount of $START you have staked will decide which tier you fall into, the benefits you gain, and the amount of IDO token you are allocated to buy.
50-499 START will land you in the first come first served tier (FCFS). This means when FCFS opens you will be able to buy so long as there is enough of the IDO token remaining for sale.
You can also vote for any decentralized IDO. The more START you stake, the more votes you will have to use!
500+ START sits you comfortably in the Guaranteed Allocation tier. Everyone with 500+ START will have a small Guaranteed Allocation reserved for them at the start of every IDO with a headstart. The amount of your Guaranteed Allocation will depend on how much $START you have staked. The more you have staked, the higher your Guaranteed Allocation will be.
Before an IDO begins the Guaranteed Allocation tier will be able to see in the Maximum Investment section (circled in red below) only what their Guaranteed Allocation is, after the Guaranteed Allocation Headstart round is over and FCFS opens, this ‘Maximum Investment’ will increase by a large multiple.
The FCFS tier will see nothing here until the FCFS round opens.
1250-2499 $START will get you a larger guaranteed allocation, a share of the BNB raised in the platform fees by successful IDOs, and access to the Platinum members club. You only need to have your Platinum stake on 1 of the Starter chains to qualify for the Platinum club.
The Platinum members club forms part of the Starter International investment network and has access to unique benefits, including exclusive private sales. Random checks are carried out to ensure the required amount of $START or LP is staked to allow continued membership.
2500+ $START grants you access to the most exclusive club of all, the VIP members club. You only need to have the VIP amount staked on 1 of the Starter chains to qualify for the VIP club.
This tier is made up of the highest-ranking Starters, and our most valued investors in our investor network. Expect exclusive news and ‘alpha’, as well as the majority of Private Sale or VIP Sale opportunities. Access is based on more than just staking the correct amount of $START or LP. Random checks are carried out to ensure the required amount of $START or LP is staked.

The Investment Rounds during an IDO

*Currently staking anywhere outside of will not qualify for Diamond Hands*
There are 3 rounds during an IDO.
Headstart: The first is the Headstart round. This is only for people in Gold-Diamond Tiers. In this round, they will be able to buy only their Guaranteed Allocation amount, not the maximum allowed for their wallet.
Diamond Hands FCFS: The second round is the Diamond Hands FCFS round. This is for all tiers who have been staked for more than 2 days, so it pays to get staked early. You can have 500+ START and not be able to buy in this round if you staked it less than 2 days before the IDO opens.
Paper Hands FCFS: The third round is the Paper Hands FCFS round. This round is for everyone with 50+ START staked. In this round the maximum investment amount per wallet is available.

In-depth Walkthrough

For a more in-depth walkthrough of how to take part in an IDO on Binance Smart Chain, including how to set up an online wallet, or hot wallet, for BSC, please view our step by step guide on Medium: