Vote on IDOs ✅⛔

Visual guide to voting on Starter IDOs
This guide assumes you have already purchased and Staked START on Starter. Please read the "Stake START 💰" guide for more details.
Staking at least 50 START tokens on Starter gives you the right to Vote on which projects are approved for a presale. The voting process is quick and simple, but the due diligence you perform prior to voting should be thorough!
  • Go to Starter's website (
  • Connect your Web3 wallet (we will be using MetaMask in this guide) and make sure your network is set to Binance Smart Chain. A guide for setting this up is located on the sidebar.
  • Next, Click on the "Voting" tab to pull up a list of all the pending presales that are eligible for voting.
  • Select the presale Pool you wish to Vote for and thoroughly review the terms and relevant links.
  • In the "Your Investment" section, you can see how many START you have staked on the platform. This is your voting weight.
    • e.g. 100 START = 100 Votes
  • Click on the "VOTE" button to pull up the Confirmation box that reminds you of the due diligence every investor should perform prior to voting.​
  • Once you have made your decision, make your voice heard by clicking "Yes" or "No" and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, your Votes will be added to the totals in the Pool.
  • Congratulations! Your part of the voting process is complete. Now just wait for the Pool voting timer to end to see the result!
Only presales that receive at least 100,000 more "Yes" votes than "No" votes will proceed with a presale. 1 START = 1 Vote