How to work out the value of 1 LP Token

If you are trying to work out how much you need in $ or each of the two tokens that make up the LP - then this little formula will help you out!
📱 Here is how you can work out the current value of 1 LP Token. Get your calculators out!
  1. 1.
    First, get the address of the LP token on the blockchain explorer (this method seems to work for all chains but Avalanche)
2. Next, look at the total supply of LP tokens on this page (it is generally shown towards the top left of the page)
You will need to note down this 'Total Supply' number.
3. Next go to the page on the Exchange to find out the value of the whole Liquidity Pool in $ (Total Liquidity)
4. Finally, take this $ number and divide it by the total supply of LP tokens. You now know the value of 1 LP token.
E.g. On Polygon at time of writing Total Liquidity was $1,075,145 and Total Supply of LP Tokens was 10,224. $1,075,145 ➗10,224 = $105.15 So 1 QUICK/START LP token on Polygon currently costs $105.15. So to get Silver Tier on on Polygon, you need a minimum of 3.5 LP Tokens. $105.15 x 3.5 = $368.02 It will cost you $368.02 to get the minimum (Silver) tier on Starter on Polygon.
5. Extra
To work out how much of each individual token you need, in our example this would be how much START & how much QUICK. Do the following:
  1. 1.
    Work out the dollar amount of the number of LP Tokens you need.
  2. 2.
    Divide that amount by 2.
  3. 3.
    Then divide each amount by the value of the tokens you need to buy for the LP.
E.g. 3.5 QUICK/START LP at time of writing is worth $368.02 $368.02➗2 = $184.01 Value of QUICK = $473.04 Value of START = $5.27 $184.01 ➗ $473.04 = 0.39 QUICK $184.01 ➗ $5.27 = 34.92 START
Therefore you will need 0.39 QUICK & 34.92 QUICK to get 3.5 QUICK/START LP Tokens at the time of writing.
You can use this formula for any of the token pairs. To account for price movement while you carry out your swaps, always get a little more of the tokens than you need.