Migrate Stake v1 to v2 🔧

Upgrading to the new V2 of Starter
Staking has been migrated over from Starter v1 to v2. If you had START staked on the v1 platform, follow these simple steps to migrate over to v2!
  • Go to Starter's website (https://starter.xyz)
  • Connect your wallet then click on the "Staking" button at the top.
  • Click "Move Stake to V2" and confirm the two transactions in your wallet.
    • It might take a few moments for the second transaction to appear.
  • After those two transactions have been confirmed, you can verify the amount of START you have staked on V2 under "Staked START Balance."
  • Congratulations! You have successfully migrated your staked START tokens over to V2 and can begin enjoying all the increased benefits of Starter's V2 platform!
After migration, it is normal for the line at the bottom to read "You have staked 0 START." That is the amount of START on v1 of the platform.