Move your START across the multichain bridge 🌉

How to use the multichain bridge, step by step
Our team has been hard at work building on our mission to position as the #1 fully-automated IDO platform for growing blockchain ecosystems. Over the course of the coming days, weeks, and months the efforts by our team to establish key relationships, develop innovative solutions, and continually evolve our team will unfold at a rapid pace.
Today, we are very proud to announce the first of these efforts — our START token bridge from BSC to Polygon — is now available for public use!

START Is Unique and Increasingly Scarce

The START token is a high demand utility token with automated deflationary characteristics. There are only 1,000,000 START tokens — ever — and new START tokens cannot be minted and added to the supply, even as we expand to new blockchains. Our expansion to new chains simply increases the demand and utility for START, thereby increasing its burn rate and scarcity over time. There is truly no other launchpad token like it.
Since our launch in Q1, 2021 over 2% START tokens have already been burned forever. This includes 892 tokens sent to our START token contract that are permanently irretrievable.

How to Find START on Polygon

The following resources are available to help you find START in the growing Polygon ecosystem.

Transferring START From BSC to Polygon

Transferring START tokens from BSC to Polygon is extremely easy! We utilize the AnySwap/ networks to deliver a seamless experience to our community.
Follow the instructions below to help you get started.
Perform your Cross Chain Deposit using the image below: