Listing on Starter 🚨

A guide for developers of the blockchain to understand what the prerequisites of opening a pool and listing an IDO on the Starter launch platform are and how the process works.

Apply for a Certified Start

Certified Start IDOs are not required to go through the voting process, and can only be created by our team of developers. If you would like to apply for a Certified Start IDO with Starter, and your project is based on either Polygon or Binance Smart Chain, then you can apply here:

Create your IDO pool using the Starter self-service

Launching an IDO with Starter is a fairly straight-forward process:
To skip straight to the form, visit the website and connect your wallet, then use
in the top right of your browser or otherwise, refer to the below prior to completing the application to understand the listing process and requirements before applying.
  • You need to have a minimum of Silver Tier in order to create a pool. i.e. If creating a pool on BSC this would be 50 START staked, if creating a pool on ETH this would be 1 ETH/START LP staked. (See the Stake page for locking information)
  • Upon application submission, your presale smart contract is generated according to your terms.
  • Community members who stake at least 50 START on the platform have the opportunity to perform due diligence on your project and vote "Yes" or "No" on your pool. (Unless you are a Certified START pool in which case this wont be required)
  • Votes are weighted by the amount of START tokens each voter has staked.
  • The voting formula for whether your presale will proceed is as follows:
    • "Yes" votes minus "No" votes must be greater than 100,000 (10% of the max START supply)
*Before applying, we highly recommend you read our Top Tips on Creating a Succesful IDO here:
When going to apply, you'll need all the following information ready to hand:
Tokenomics & Token Sale Plan (Basic Pool Info)
  • Presale Type - Private (You pick the whitelist addresses), Public (first come first serve) or Certified START
  • BEP20 Token Contract Address - The BEP20 Token Address of your project's smart contract.
    • e.g. ""
  • Token Price - The price of your token per unit in BNB
    • e.g. "0.0058 BNB per START"
  • Token Price SoftCap (BNB) - The minimum amount of BNB required from a pool to be launched on Starter.
    • e.g. "100 BNB"
  • HardCap (BNB) - The total amount of BNB that can be pooled before launch.
    • e.g. "750 BNB"
  • Min BNB Per Wallet - The minimum amount of BNB that each investor may contribute to your presale.
    • e.g. "0.10 BNB"
  • BNB Allocation Factor - This is the formula that works out how much of your token investors will be able to buy during IDO, based on how much $START or LP they have staked.
    • The formula is as follows: Your start * BNB Alloc Factor* 2 / 550 (e.g. For someone who has 500 START staked - 500 * 2 BNB * 2/550 = 3.63 (So the max amount of your token they could buy (in BNB) would be 3.63 BNB.
  • Sale Start Time - The date and time your presale will begin accepting investor funds. Time Zone = UTC.
    • e.g. "March 09, 2021 10:00 AM"
  • Sale End Time - The date and time your presale will stop accepting investor funds. Time Zone = UTC.
    • e.g. "March 09, 2021 14:00 PM"
  • Token Decimals - The limit of the number of decimals for your token quantities.
  • HeadStart (in seconds) - The time in seconds that you want to give to the guaranteed allocation round to buy first. We suggest a minimum of 2 minutes (120 seconds) but most usually go with 10 minutes.
  • Unsold Tokens Address - This is the address where any unsold tokens will be sent when the presale is completed.
    • e.g. ""
  • Release Per Month (%) - only applicable if you are creating a Private Sale.
PancakeSwap Plan
  • PancakeSwap Listing Price - The listing price of your token in BNB when it is available to trade on PancakeSwap.
    • e.g. "0.0068 BNB per START"
  • PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool (LP) Allocation Percent - The percentage of the raised funds that will be used for the LP on PancakeSwap.
    • e.g. "40%"
  • PancakeSwap Listing Time - The date and time when your LP on PancakeSwap will be available for trading.
    • e.g. "March 09, 2021 14:30PM"
  • PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool (LP) lock duration days - The number of days that your liquidity will be locked in the LP on PancakeSwap.
    • e.g. "275 days"
Project Info & Current Web Presence
  • Title - The title of your project.
    • e.g. "START Public Presale"
  • Description - Description of your project / mission statement.
  • Project Logo URL (Please use - TinyURL) - A web link to the image of your project's logo.
    • e.g. ""
  • Telegram (Optional) - Telegram group chat link.
    • e.g. ""
  • GitHub - Your project's GitHub URL
    • e.g. ""
  • Twitter (Optional) - Twitter link.
    • e.g. ""
  • Website (Optional) - Website link.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) URL (Optional) - KYC Documents
  • Whitepaper URL (Optional) - Link to your project's whitepaper.
  • This is the list of BEP-20 wallet addresses that will have access to your presale. If you choose to use one, only the addresses on the whitelist will be eligible to participate in your presale.
  • Leave this section blank if you do not wish to use a whitelist.
  • Input only one address per line.
    • e.g. 0xF977814e90dA44bFA03b6295A0616a897441aceC 0xF68a4b64162906efF0fF6aE34E2bB1Cd42FEf62d 0xBE0eB53F46cd790Cd13851d5EFf43D12404d33E8
  • If you're completing the Certified IDO Application You will be required to upload a 'Presentation Deck' for your project during the application, as well as some other details such as which blockchain you're looking to launch your IDO on etc.

Voting Process (Detailed)

As soon as you have listed a pool, your project will be live in the voting area. It will then remain open until the time the IDO is about to start. Each holder only needs 100 minimum START to vote.
For a project to list, it needs to have 100,000 net YES votes during the voting phase (NET = Yes - No votes) where 1 Staked START = 1 vote, so if someone with 500 START voted YES they would increase the number of the YES votes by 500. Conversely, this same function works against the project when it is voted NO by the staker. Only the STAKED amount of START by the investor will be reflected in the voting (So any START in a wallet will not count towards the vote).
If the time for the IDO to launch comes and the pool does not have enough votes then it will cancel and you'll be refunded the START that you'd used to create the pool.
All good to go? Then visit the website and create your pool now!
If you're a well-established project, we'd recommend taking the time to fill in our Certified IDO Application instead.