Staking START 💰

Information about Staking on Starter.
START token holders can Stake their tokens on Starter to gain access to the platform and earn rewards. Staking higher amounts of START gives holders increased access and even greater rewards.

Access and Reward Tiers

IDO Participation: Staking at least 50 START tokens on the platform qualifies holders for Standard Tier status and allows them to participate in all approved presales on Starter. Staking 500 or more START tokens qualifies holders for Gold Tier status, which gives those community members a Guaranteed Allocation for every presale created using a Guaranteed Allocation model! Voting Power: Staking at least 50 START tokens allows holders to vote on which projects are approved for a presale on Starter. Earn BNB: Staking at least 1,250 START tokens allows holders to earn BNB from the redistribution of fees across the Starter. Currently, 0.5% of all funds raised are redistributed to these holders. IDO Discount: Staking at least 1,250 START tokens gives holders a 10% discount on all presales.
VIP Club: Staking at least 2,500 START tokens for 21+ consecutive days give holders membership to our exclusive VIP Club. Benefits includes preferred access to private allocations, special airdrops of IDO tokens, access to our private group, and influence in the platform's future development. Holders must not have sold any START in the past 21 days to maintain membership and must have added at least 1% more to their START balance over the prior month OR commit to contribute beyond holding START. Future Benefits: This is just the beginning for START holders. The Starter team has long-term plans to increase the benefits for the community. Stay tuned for more updates while you continue to enjoy all the current rewards of being a START holder!
START tokens staked on Starter are currently set to a 5 day locking period to prevent abuse of the platform. Additional staking or unstaking resets the locking period. Claiming rewards has no effect on the locking period.
Unstaking START from the platform will burn 0.5% of the tokens.
START staking is paused during live IDOs.