[OLD] Starter v2 ❌

Old documentation on the Starter platform before V3.
Since the launch of Starter just a few weeks ago, the team has been hard at work building out the upgrades for the launch of v2 on Monday, 3/29/2021!
The details of Starter v2 will be slowly revealed over the weekend. Stay tuned and be sure to join to the Telegram Announcements channel so you don't miss out on any of the updates!
3/26/2021: Update #1 - Pools
The first v2 update focuses on the improvements being made to the Starter Pools. These upgrades will ensure that developers follow through with their promises and locks the important presale information before any voting begins. The voting formula has been adjusted to better represent the voice of the Starter community. Pools have also been enhanced with more relevant information that investors need to know.
3/27/2021: Update #2 - Staking
The second v2 update lays out some changes being made to Staking requirements. Developers will now be required to join the Starter staking community in order to launch on the platform. The locking time for START stakers has been increased to 5 days in order to prevent abuse of the platform and reduce sell pressure on the START token. The number of START required for voting has also been reduced to ensure more of the community gets to have their voices heard.
3/28/2021: Update #3 - Deflationary Mechanism
The third v2 update explains the deflationary mechanism being created for the START token. This will benefit START holders by adding a 0.5% burn to all unstaking actions on Starter, which will reduce the max supply (remember: START has no minting feature). Additionally, 2% of BNB funds raised in each presale will be used to further reward START holders with 0.5% being added to the earnings of START stakers, 1% going directly to the START/wBNB liquidity pair on PancakeSwap, and 0.5% used to buy back and burn more START!
3/29/2021: Update #4 - Guaranteed Allocations
The fourth and final v2 update details the new Guaranteed Allocation model being implemented on Starter. IDO participants are now split into two tiers based on the amount of START tokens they have staked on the platform. Standard Tier is reached by those staking between 50 - 499 START tokens. Gold Tier requires at least 500 START tokens and gives those community members a Guaranteed Allocation for every presale. The Guaranteed Allocation phase occurs during the first two hours of every presale and each Gold Tier holder will be allowed to invest a maximum amount equal to their percentage of staked START relative to the total amount of START staked on Starter.