Starter V3 🥳🎉

Everything You Need to Know - V3 is here! It’s stacked with new features and improved functionality — but what’s new?
Yay! Starter is better with every iteration, and this is our best yet!
Starter is evolving. We will always look for ways to push to the next level, and to make this a more rewarding community for loyal $START-ers and bring awesome new functionality for all our users who make the platform what it is. V3 is the result of hard work and some solid feedback from our community.
Hats off to our devs who have outdone themselves with version 3. There’s a lot to get through, so let’s get $START-ed…

New Types of Token Sales 🛒

New types of sales means different audiences can also be reached now!
  • Private sales with vesting on claiming, no community voting required and no listing on PancakeSwap after sale.
  • Public IDOs with community voting required and listing on PancakeSwap after sale.
  • Certified START IDOs with no community voting required and listing on PancakeSwap after sale.

Loyalty is rewarded 🏆

Strategy is key to understanding what works in the market.
  • All Starter V3 IDOs will utilise PancakeSwap V2.
  • All Starter V3 IDOs will use $START vesting to lock liquidity.
  • A new blacklists feature prevents $START token dumpers from participating in IDOs
(any wallet that sells 100+ $START in a single transaction 7 days prior to an IDO will be added to the blacklist)

Guaranteed Allocation Significant Improvements 📈

Headstart Rules - (FCFS = First Come First Serve)
  • Guaranteed allocation (GA) goes first. GA can receive up to 10x more allocation than FCFS.
  • Diamond Hands FCFS (staking for 30+ days) now has a headstart too (over Paper Hands FCFS) and can invest right after GA.
  • Paper Hands FCFS (staking less than 30 days) has no headstart, can only invest after Diamond Hands FCFS and GA, and can only invest max 10% allocation.
If you are unsure about how this works in practice then the general rule is, the more $START you have staked, the more your allocation will be.
This allocation multiplies if you are in the Diamond Hands FCFS and Guaranteed Allocation tiers. Guaranteed Allocation tiers get the highest multiplication (up to 10x versus FCFS).

Hasty unstakers will make $START rarer 😏

Staking just got a whole lot more serious.
You can now unstake your START at any time, subject to the burn fee schedule below:
  • Unstake within 3 days, 7% burn.
  • Unstake any other time, 2% burn.
Unstaking any START will reset both your diamond hands and burn timer.
Adding to your stake will reset your burn timer, but not your diamond hands.
Participating in an IDO will also reset your burn timer — but not diamond hands.

Vesting and Voting ✅⛔

  • Passing voting now requires a net total of Yes minus No votes to be 10% of the maximum total supply (over 100,000) - this is a new update since V3.
  • $VEST stakers will earn LP tokens from liquidity allocations on PancakeSwap carried out using the $VEST platform.
  • A percentage of liquidity allocation will also go to StarterSwap (at launch of v3, this is set to 0% until StarterSwap is fully developed).

FAQs ❓

1.If I stake more $START will it reset the Diamond Hands FCFS staking timer?
Answer: No, staking more $START will not affect this. Unstaking will.
2. If I move $START from my wallet to another wallet, will I be added to the dumper blacklist?
Answer: No.
3. Do I need to migrate my staked $START from V2 to V3?
Answer: Yes, in order to take part in any V3 pools (pools that appear on the website after V3 has gone live), you will need to migrate your staked $START from V2 to V3. 0.5% of your total staked $START will be burned on migration, and once you have migrated you will not be able to take part in any V2 pools.
4. After I migrate my staked $START from V2 to V3, will it be as if I am staking for the first time and reset my ‘time staked’ to 0 days?
Answer: No. Your time staked will carry over from V2 to V3.
5. If I keep my $START staked but sell the extra $START I have in my wallet, will I be blacklisted from the next IDO?
Answer: Yes, if you sell more than 100 $START then that wallet will be added to the blacklist for the next IDO. If you would like to trade $START, we recommend setting up a separate wallet for trading.
Do not sell more than 100 $START from the wallet you are also staking your $START with or it will be blacklisted from the next IDO.
6. Will the move from V2 to V3 affect me if I am using Liquidity Farming on the platform?
Answer: No. Liquidity farmers will be unaffected.
7. Will $START also be migrating to Pancake Swap V2?
Answer: No, when the START IDO took place, the liquidity raised was locked on PancakeSwap V1 for a certain period of time. As a result, we cannot move liquidity over to PancakeSwap V2 until the timer expires on our liquidity lock.
8. Please Note, we have had some reports of failed transactions during stake migration and staking having to be done manually
Answer: If staking migration from V2 to V3 did not go smoothly and you had to manually re-stake (which means you now see the 50% burn fee to un-stake), then fear not. We will be lowering the amount of time needed to stake to get Diamond Hands FCFS for the first several IDOs on V3 so that nobody misses out.
While we are still a relatively new launchpad, Starter is built on its strong, community-oriented foundations. Offering the best launchpad for our IDOs and giving them the best chance of succeeding is what we’re all about.
With this in mind, our platform is built around each and every one of the users that makes this possible. Thanks for being a part of the journey so far, and we hope you continue to get the most out of Starter as we evolve through V3 and beyond!

Starter 🌐

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